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Distribution Automation

Staff has experience to provide engineering and design package for numerous distribution automation pole mounted equipment for circuit upgrades, including reconductoring, regulator, capacitor, and fusing upgrades to improve system reliability.

Drop fuse cutout high voltage on the pole. Set of cutout fuses to maintain devices for pro

Joint Use / Third Party Attachment

Staff has experience supporting permits for proposed fiber routes including field data collection, pole analysis, pole detail sheets, and developing make ready design packages.

Silhouette pole wit many cables .jpg

Major Project Circuit Rebuild

Staff has experience replacing main trunk of three-phase primary, upgrading existing open wire secondary with multiplex, replacing poles, developing railroad crossing permit applications, and generating bills of material.

a symmetrical pattern of utility poles on a gravel road.jpg

Underground Cable Replacement

Staff has program experience engineering replacement for unjacketed cable where existing equipment is inspected to identify existing transformer issues, replace tap poles, create looped circuits, and upgrade condition of underground distribution system.

Low angle view of trenchless laying of communications, fiber optic and water pipes with ho

I-65 Redevelopment
Crown Point, Indiana

DVG prepared a master utility service plan to extend public utility infrastructure to the Interstate 65 & State Road 231 Interchange that included the construction of sanitary sewer interceptor mains and a regional sanitary sewer pumping station, water distribution transmission mains, a new elevated water tower and street & drainage improvements.

I-65 Redevelopment.jpg
I-65 Redevelopment 2.jpg

South Side Water Pressure Zone
Crown Point, Indiana

DVG managed the hydraulic analysis, engineering design and served as construction project manager for the development of enhanced water pressure in the southern sections of the City water distribution system.

South Side Water Pressue Zone.jpg
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