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DVG Team, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is a team of professionals with a variety of expertise in the areas of public infrastructure planning and construction, private and public utility development, engineering and site design, economic development, and real estate development. Our firm is based in Crown Point, Indiana just a short drive from Chicago, Illinois.

We are recognized for our strong ability to conceptualize a project from its infancy, our keen understanding to the economic roots of all projects, and our strong ability to forge trusting and faithful relationships. 

About DVG Team, Inc.

Our Purpose

DVG's purpose is to ensure that the project you take is:

  • Successfully monitored from the earliest phases to completion

  • Fully assessed to include every specific project element and its conformance within your overall business and strategic plans

  • Implemented on a timely, cost-wise project management basis

  • Engineered and designed to ensure the vision established by you is fully developed

  • Created to serve the public health and safety of the project service area

  • Structured to meet the financial objects, economics, and scheduling requirements of your project


Our focus is YOUR vision

Tell us about your project today.

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